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Kings Crown documentation


1. Getting started
2. Game story
3. Game play
4. Army
5. County
6. Diplomatic
7. History
8. Tools
9. End turn

Getting started

Main menu

When you enter the game you will be presented by a menu that will let you either start a new game or resume an existing game that you are playing.

Note that you can only have one game playing at the same time, if you start a new one the previous one will be replaced.

The help button will give you basic information how the game works.

To register the game press the register button.

New game

First you have to do when you start a new game is to choose your name and shield that you will be known with in the game.

Click the name box to bring up a keyboard to enter your name. Use -/+ to change your shield.

Finally you also choose how easy or hard the game will be by changing the level between easy, normal and hard. This will change everything from starting values to how the AI will handle within the game.

Press OK when you are ready to start the game.


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Game story

The game starts in the year 1017 when England is need of a strong King that can combine the strength of all counties into one kingdom.

Your mission is to expand from your own county using wisdom and power to take control over England creating one Kingdom and one King.

To help your kingdom to grow you have strengthen your counties by buildings castle for defense, handle your resources wisely and use diplomatic skills to interact with your neighbouring kingdoms.

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Game play

When entering the game the first time the map will be centered around you county, representing the same color as your shield.

The top bar shows the current month, your wealth and your total population. Also you will sometime here find a blinking M indicating that you have received a message, which can be read in the diplomatic menu.

When the county is selected (white borders shown around the county) you will in the bottom see the name of the county as well who's the owner. The right bottom side will show how big the population is and if you have information also how many soldiers are stationed here.

To move the map just press the stylus and move around. To select a county just click on it without moving the stylus to much. If you click on a selected county that will work as quick zoom into that county.

You have one army that you can use to conquer new counties with.

The buttons above the bottom bar have the following functions from left to right:

- Enter the selected county
- Move your army
- Diplomatic handling
- History data
- Options
- End turn

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Moving your army

When you click the move button (with a flag) surrounding counties possible to move to will be highlighted. Clicking one of the counties with highlighted border will move your army there.

Depending of the status of the county you move to following two things can happend.

Owned by you the army will just move into the new county.

Neutral or owend by a another player your army will move into the county and bring up the menu below to give you a choice of action.

Attacking a county

When you attack a county you will be offered three different choices described below. Also if the county is defended by a castle that will be shown her and the health of the castle indicated by the green bar below the castle.

Attack will order your army to attack immediatly. The battle will last 20 turns and if no one has won the battle will continue next turn.

Retreat will order your army to retreat, fleeing the battle field.

Siege is only available when there is a castle defending the county. Because you will loose alot of soldier attacking a castle it is often good to start sieging a castle, allowing your archers, crossbows and catapults attacking from a distance. This will weaken the defense.


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When you enter the county menu you will get an overview picture of that county. Note that all information is not available if you don't own the county. If you send a spy to this county you will however have addional information.

On the top half the amount of population and soldiers are shown. Also the status of the castle if any is shown here.

Owner tells you who owns the county and how the shield looks like.

Storage information is also available showing amount of food, wood, stone and iron stored in this county. Also you can see how many of each item is produced (prod), the change and the value. The value indicates how good the county is at producing this item, this can be changed by building specific buildings in this county.

Last there is buttons to take you to the castle menu, town menu and storage menu.


Castles are a good protection in a county, boosting the morale of the population and makes it easier collecting taxes. Castles are also the only way to keep soldiers within a county. Castles are also necessary to have if you want to recruit soldiers from the local popuation.

In the castle menu you have the option to build your first castle in the county or upgrade an existing one. You can also raze your castle if you no longer need it.

Upkeep is how much the castle costs per month.

Guards shows how many soldiers you have in the castle of the maxiumum possible.

Recruits shows how many recruits you have in training.

Transfer soldiers between a castle and your army if it's in the same county is possible. You select the type of soldier and then move the bar below or click the -/+ button.

If there's no recruits in training you can enter the recruit menu from the recruit button.



Recruits soldiers cost money, resources and people from your conties population. Some soldiers also need specific buildings to be able to recruit.

Choose the type of soldier you want to recuit by clicking on the left buttons. Information about that type of soldier will be shown. Amount of resources that you have available in the town are also shown in the right columm.

You can drag the bar och click on -/+ to change how many recruits you want.

Soldier possible to recruit:

Pikeman - a good but not to strong melee soldier.

Swordsmen - more trained and stronger soldier, fighting with a sword. Needs a weaponry to recruit.

Knight - the strongest and fastest melee soldier. Needs a stable and a weaponry to recruit.

Archer - basic ranged soldier, strong at distance as long as it has melee soldier defending it.

Crossbow - strong ranged soldier with some defense, however still weak if no melee soldiers defend it.

Catapult - Strong against castle walls, also when it hits alot of soldiers can die at the same time. Total useless if no one is protecting it.


This where you can control the county and do your outmost to keep the population happy. A happy population will both grow faster giving more taxes, as well as produce more resources.

Population in town, within paranthesis you see if your population is growing or declining ( born subtraced with dead).

Morale indicates how your population feel and think about you. If the morale is growing a green arrow is shown, declining a red one instead.

Food shows how much food is produced in the county and the changes.

Food rations, here you choose how much food you will give your population and within paranthesis how much food will be needed. More food will make your people more happy and grow faster. To less food alot of people will die and the morale will decline.

Tax handles how much tax you take from the county, less tax = less money but happier people and the other way around.

Build button takes you to the build menu.

Festival let's you arange a festival in the town, making your population happier. A good choice to end a never ending morale declining spiral.

Town buildings

Different kinds of buildings are possibile to build in a counties town, helping the town in different ways.

Info about the building and what it costs are shown in the botttom half of the screen.

Wind Mill - increase the production of food within the county.

Forester - you need one of these to start producing wood in the county.

Stone field - you need one of these to start producing stone in the county.

Iron mine - you need one of these to start producing iron in the county.

Town hall - a town hall help your tax collectors to organize themself boosting taxes with 20%

Weaponry - one of these are needed to recruit swordsmen, knights and crossbows.

Stable - one of these are need to recruit knights.

Engineer - one of these are needed to be able to construct catapults.


Resources can both be sold and bought in this menu. It's also possible to transport resources between counties you own.

Buy and sell resources is done by clicking (you can hold down if it's alof resources) the -/+ button for each resource. How much you have and the sell/buy price is shown in the colums.


Here is where you set how much resources you want to transport to a another county. If you choose all everythign is transported.

Choose which county to transport by clicking the county button and the the county on the map shown.

Finally you can choose if this is a one time order or if should happend every turn by clicking the -/+ under the county button.


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It's importan to keep good relations with your neighbours. In this menu you handle your aproach to other players in the game.

The shields represents each player, the small bar underneath indicates by color the players aproach to you. Ranging from red (enemy) to green (allied). There is also a small arrow showing the lates changes indicating if your relatations getting worse or better over time.

To keep good relations can be a tricky thing. There's alot that affects your relations with other players, but common sense take you a long way.

Some aspects that the players consider on deciding the relations that can be good to think about:

- layout of the map and whos owns which county.
- what you have done in the history.
- how you interact with other players.
- how threatend they feel from you.
- your alliances and war with other players.

Type describes the players character, giving you a indication on how they will react on different situations.

Mood is the current feeling the player has for you at this moment.

Declare is how you tell the player what you think about him.

Message shows the message if you have recieved any from the player.

There is also different actions you can take towards other players.

War - declare war on the player, if you attack withour declaring war before other players will react on that depending on what type of personality they have (type).

Alliance - suggest an alliance with another player, this wil help you in many ways. Your allied will act with other players in ways that favor you, and you can also get help from your allies as well as they may request help from you.

Threat - if you get upset with another player this is a good way to show it with.

Help - ask help from another player.

Demand - you can demand gold from other players, chose how much gold you demand with -/+.

Gift - you can send gifts to other players, this is a good way of helping other players as well as keeping other players happy with you.

Spy - you can send a spy to a county to recieve more information about the county. But beware if the spy get caugt you wan't be in a favorable position.

Relations - this takes you to the relation map.


Relation map

This map shows each players relation with other players.

You read the map by looking in the vertical left colum on which player you want to see, then follow the row to see what the player thinks about other players. Colors are the same as in the diplomatic menu. A green circle indicates that they are allied and a red that they are at war.


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History shows statistics based on history data. Here you can compare yourself with the other players and see where you stand. The data is based on the last 30 months.

You can click on the shields representing each player to activate/deactivate that players data.

You can choose the following statistics:

Gold - Kingdom's total gold

Income - Kingdom's total income

People - Kingdom's total population

Soldier - Kingdom's total soldiers

County - Kingdom's counties owned

Power - Kingdom's total power, measured by all values above.

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In this menu you can customize your game to some part.

Map mode chooses between different modes of showing the map.

  • owner 1 shows the map and the color of player who owns the county
  • status 1 shows the map and color of what mood the player that own the county has towards you.
  • owner 2 is the same as 1 but with clear color.
  • status 2 is the same as 2 but with clear color.

Sound chooses how much sound effects you want in the game.

Scroll can be turned on and then make a smooth scroll when you select counties and when you see the AI plays. Turn it off if you want the game to be a bit quicker to play.

Visual indicates how much visual information you want to have when the AI is making it's turn.

Quit take you back to your Pocket PC OS, saving the game before so you can resume it later on.

Help takes you the basic included instructions of the game.

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End turn

When you end the turn you will let the other players make their turn. Depending on how much visual you turned on in the tools menu you will the moves of the AI or nothing but the processing overview.

When the turn is finished you will receive a summary of the months economics in your empire.

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(c) 2004 - Brask Software - feedback to Niklas Brask