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Kings Crown release notes 1.04

Release notes version 1.04
- some minor AI updates
- shareware version now allows 24 turns testing

Release notes version 1.03
- county processing major updated
- player AI strategic battle decision enhanced
- addional parameters affecting AI players diplomatic
- alot of updates in the AI algorithms
- game now installs in game folder
- festival now cost relative to amount of population within county
- battle units now more balanced both in damage as in price
- maximum 20 catapults can fire at the same time, the rest goes as reserve
- battle forumla updated
- castles now stronger, withold more soldiers and are more expensive
- now player types are showed in diplomatic menu
- several minor bugs fixed

Release notes version 1.02
- AI algorithm handling taxes in counties had a small bug, fixed.
- Visual text bug in battle menu, fixed.

Release notes version 1.01
- Total possible recruits sometimes showed incorrect value, fixed.
- AI algorithms enhanced.
- Diplomatic relation menu updated.

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