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Moonlander 2 documentation

1. Getting started
2. Game play
3. Units
4. Custom game
5. Editor
6. Options
7. Register
Getting started

When you enter the game you will be presented by the main menu giving you some different alternatives.

New game will start the main campaign with 30 different missions that has to be concluded. Check Game play to understand more about the game.

Custom game will let you play all campaigns that you have designed yourself or downloaded from the internet. All custom campaigns have there own highscore list.

Editor will start up the editor where you can design your own campaigns.

Options will let you customize the controls of your device.

About the game, information of the development of Moonlander 2.

Quit will take you back to standard desktop.

Register let you enter the serial of the game that you receive after you bought the game.

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Game play


You control the ship by turning it around and then accelerate with the main engine. It takes about half a second to receive full power, which makes it possible to make smaller adjustments, that however in the long run consumes more fuel than a longer engine boost. When the ship is set in motion it contiunes to move just like in space, the only thing that affect its path is gravity.

The keys to control the ship are configured within the options menu. To pause the game press the screen. While paused you also have the possibilty to minimize the game if you want to reach other applications or exit back to main menu. To minimize press the _ button in top right, to exit press the x button.

Status screen

In the bottom of the screen you can see the moonlander status bar, showing in percent the amount of fuel (yellow), shield (blue) and laser power (red).

Left of the bars there are three boxes indicating what level of upgrade you have on the ship.

Left to the upgrade boxes you have icons showing amount of lifes, amount of missiles and bombs.

Left of the icons there are three cargo boxes which will shine green when a cargo slot is used.

Then last your score is showed and if the mission is time limited the time left will be indicated.


Ship weapons

The ship is equipped with a laser cannon that can be upgraded with boosters. You have to have suffiecent power to fire the laser, the power regenerates over time.

The ship have a missile bay which fire autoguided missiles, they always try to find any hostile units in the neighbourhood to lock on.

The ship have a bomb bay which releases bombs that are triggered to explode after 10 seconds.

Mission goal

All levels have a goal, which is described in the mission text at the start of each level. The goal has to be fullfilled before the mission is successfull and you can move on to the next level.

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Upgrades fuel (yellow), shield (blue) and laser energy (red) - max 3 levels.
Upgrades laser (red) and engine (blue), laser can be upgraded to medium or heavy.
Refills fuel (yellow) and shield (blue).
Refills missiles and bombs to your ship.
The ship wont be affected by gravity during 45 seconds.
Extra life.

Friendly units

Fuel refill base.
Shield refill base.
Fuel and shield refill base
Main base, also refills fuel and shield.
Friendly units - box, astronaut, probe and rover.

Alien units

Small alien ship, fast and turns quickly, fire medium lasers.
Medium alien ship, slower than a small ship but fires heavy lasers.
Large alien battle ship, sustain alot of damage and fires heavy lasers.
Small alien space station, fires medium lasers.
Large alien space station, fires heavy lasers.
Small alien base.
Large alien base.
Alien storage.
Alien factory, produces different alien supplies.
Alien radar station.
Small and large blackholes/antigravity. Distorts the gravity around it.
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Custom game

The custom game screen is where you start all the levels/campaigns that you have created yourself or downloaded from the internet.

You scroll with +/- between the files that are found in the Moonlander 2 directory.

The name of the campaign and the authour will be shown. Also there's a highscore list for each campaign.

The clear button clears the highscore list.

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The editor lets you design your own levels and campaigns. The editor is divided into three screens where the two of them handles the parameters of the level and campaing, and the third designing the map and placing the units in the level.


Editor screen 1

-/+ Choose between existing campaigns.
NEW Create a new campaign.
DELETE Delete selected campaign.
LOCKED Lock the selected campaign with a password, this means that no one will be able to edit your campaing until it's unlocked.
Name Enter the name of the campaign by clicking the text box.
Author Enter the author of the campaign by clicking the text box.
Total Choose the number of levels within the campaign.
Level Select the level that you want to edit.
Size x/y The size of the map of the selected level, can be up to 478x478 squares.
Color Click the box to choose the color of the map.
Gravity Choose the gravity of the selected level, can be between zero and 3.0.
Music Choose the music that will be played in the selected level.
Edit Takes you to the map editor, which will allow you to design the level map and place units.
Text This will bring up a window where you can enter the mission text of the level.
Test Clicking this will allow you to test play the selected level.
More This will take you to the second editor screen with more parameters to configure the selected level.


Editor screen 2

This screen is divided into two parts. Starting values where you decide some parameters that the level starts with. Mission criterias where you decide what is needed for the level to be successfull.

Where you can choose all, pic or a number that mean:

all - deliver all units to a base ( if alien than Finish also has to be alien).
pick - the unit has only to be picked up, not delivered to a base.
number - deliver the amount of units to base.

Fuel Choose how much fuel the ship will have at the start of the level.
Shield Choose how much shield energy the ship will have at the start of the level.
Cargo Choose if the ship has any cargo at the start of the level. Usually that has to be delivered to a base.

Choose where the player has to place the ship.

all - end on all friendly bases.
base - end on main base
fuel - end on fuel station
shield - end on shield station
refill - end on refill station
alien - end on alien base
zone - end in a zone

Time Choose if there's a time limit on the level.
Box Amount of boxes to pick/deliver.
Astronaut Amount of astronauts to pick/deliver.
Rover Amount of rovers to pick/deliver.
Probe Amount of probes to pick/deliver.
Weapon Amount of tower weapons to destroy.
Building Amount of alien buildings to destroy.
Ship Amount of alien ships to destroy.


Map editor

In this screen you design the map of the level and place all units. To do all this you use the menu on the bottom left side, which is divided in three segments as described below. There is also a minimap showing a wider area of the level, you can also move the screen around quickly by pointing on the menu.

Left segment

In this segment there is four buttons that by pressing them let you draw, erase, paint and move. After highlighting the function you use the pen on the screen to ex. draw on the map.

Middle segment

Pressing the U button activates this segment which is used to place units on the map. The first -/+ buttons changes category and the second scrolls the units within the category which are described below. The first -/+ can also be used to change the size of the erase function.

Right segment

These three buttons either takes you back to the editor menu, saves the map or loads the map (can be used as a simple undo).


GAME Game specific, not visible within the game. Start position of the ship and different typ of end zones. If you place the start position on top of a base on the left side, the ship will start from the base instead.
BUILDING All friendly and alien buildings.
WEAPON Alien weapon towers (cannon, laser & missiles) and mines.
SHIP Alien ships.
UNIT Friendly units that are possible to pick/collect.
BOOSTER Different boosters that upgrades the ship.
SPECIAL Gravity effects such as blackholes and antigravity.
OBJECT Background objects to fill out the game, possible to collide with and/or shoot at.
PLANETS Planets in different sizes to fill out the background with, not possibile to collide with.
STARS Stars in different sizes to fill out the background with, not possibile to collide with.
DIV Galaxies and other objects to fill out the background with, not possibile to collide with.

In the options screen you can choose to customize the game to your device.

Volume changes the sound effects and music level, 100% equals to the max volume that you have set your device to. So if you want max volume you also have to increase the volume on your device.

Graphics lets you choose the quality of the graphics and how many objects that will be shown. If the game seems slow you can lower the quality. *hint* is to press the lower right screen within the game and you will see the frame rate, it should be around 30 if your device handles the graphics.

Keysettings let you choose what key will be assigned to what function. Press the box and then key you want to assign.



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When you have bought the game you will receive a serial number which you enter in this screen.

Press the serial number box and a keyboard will be shown. Enter the serial number which is case sensitive and then return to the main menu and you will se that your game is now registered.

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